MARCo Health Partners with Educational Resource Group to Revolutionize Mental Health and Learning Support for Neurodivergent Youth

MARCo Health and the ERG partner to create the 1st AI-powered robot companion, MARCo, for children with ADHD, learning disabilities & neurodivergence. MARCo offers personalized coaching, cognitive training, tutoring, social-emotional learning & self-regulation tools. This innovative solution empowers children & marks a new era in mental health support. Available to early partners now, with wider release later in 2024.

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, 2nd Mar 2024, King NewsWire MARCo Health Inc., a pioneer in therapeutic social robots for mental health support, today announced its groundbreaking partnership with the Educational Resource Group (ERG). Together, they are launching a first-of-its-kind supportive robot that integrates executive functioning coaching, cognitive fitness training, tutoring, social-emotional learning tools, and behavioral self-regulation support specifically for children and adolescents with neurodivergence, ADHD, and learning disabilities.

This revolutionary collaboration leverages MARCo's cutting-edge technology—the Mental-Health Assisting Robot Companion (also known as MARCo)—and ERG's proprietary Cogfit executive functioning coaching model, developed by Dr. Lori Perez over 15 years ago. MARCo offers a unique and engaging format to provide a personalized and empowering experience for young individuals.

"We understand the challenges faced by neurodivergent children and their families go beyond the traditional bounds of what we think of when you say ‘mental health’," said Jacob Boyle, CEO of MARCo Health. "Our partnership with ERG empowers us to create a holistic approach to supporting these incredible children, giving them essential tools to thrive both academically and emotionally."

Dr. Nithin Krishna, a board-certified psychiatrist specializing in neuroscience and neurodiversity from the ERG, added, "This partnership marks a new era in mental health support. By combining traditional therapeutic techniques with the innovation of social robotics, we're providing a truly transformative solution, promoting self-regulation, success, and greater well-being for neurodiverse youth."

Key Features of MARCo for Neurodivergent Students

  • Executive Functioning Coaching: Assists children with organization, time management, focus, and task completion through personalized life skills training.
  • Cognitive Fitness Training (CogFit): Enhances attention, memory, and problem-solving skills through interactive exercises.
  • Tutoring: Provides personalized academic support in core subjects.
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): Teaches self-awareness, emotional regulation, and social skills.
  • Behavioral Self-Regulation Tools: Guides the development of coping mechanisms and positive habits.


While the technology is not yet available to the public, it is available to early partners now and will be generally available later in 2024.

MARCo Health Partners with Educational Resource Group to Revolutionize Mental Health and Learning Support for Neurodivergent Youth

About MARCo Health Inc.

MARCo Health Inc. develops and implements therapeutic social robots to make a positive impact on individuals' mental and emotional well-being.  MARCo is the brainchild of expert educators, mental health specialists, and robotics engineers committed to creating innovative and accessible mental health solutions. Learn more at [website address].

About Educational Resource Group (ERG)

ERG  is a leading provider of educational, therapeutic, and support services for individuals with neurodivergence, learning disabilities, and related challenges. Their dedicated team of educators and specialists empowers individuals of all ages to unlock their potential. Find out more at [website address].


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MARCo Health Partners with Educational Resource Group to Revolutionize Mental Health and Learning Support for Neurodivergent Youth

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