Experience Customized Landscape Lighting and Yard Lighting with ABR Electric

ABR Electric, based in McKinney, TX, has announced the launch of its custom outdoor lighting services for the residents of Frisco, TX. This new offering aims to enhance outdoor living spaces through bespoke yard and landscape lighting solutions that prioritize aesthetics, safety, and value.

McKinney, Texas, United States, 29th Feb 2024 - Residents of Frisco, TX, are in for a treat as ABR Electric, a prominent electrician service based in McKinney, TX, unveils its latest venture into custom outdoor lighting. This new service aims to revolutionize outdoor areas by introducing lighting solutions that emphasize aesthetics, safety, and value, all while incorporating energy-saving and smart technology features.

Experience Customized Landscape Lighting and Yard Lighting with ABR Electric

ABR Electric's tailored approach to landscape and yard lighting is set to beautify properties, bolster security, and increase their value. The company is stepping up the game in outdoor ambiance and landscape aesthetics by integrating cutting-edge features like energy efficiency and smart tech.

Under the guidance of James Adams, a master electrician and respected member of the Frisco community, ABR Electric's team is ready to bring these innovative lighting solutions to life. Adams shares, "Our mission is to light up your outdoor areas in ways that not only make your property look stunning but also ensure your peace of mind with added security. We're here to blend functionality with style, customized to meet your unique needs."

Clients have been quick to praise ABR Electric of Frisco 's work, with testimonials highlighting the beauty and functionality of their installations. From lighting up local churches to enhancing residential properties, customers like Paul Comella, Chelsea Jordan, and Syed Sajjath have expressed their appreciation for the company's professionalism, efficiency, and the transformative impact of their lighting.

This introduction of customized outdoor lighting services follows on the heels of ABR Electric's successful venture into innovative ceiling fan chandelier projects, reaffirming their commitment to delivering unique and quality electrical solutions to homeowners.

About ABR Electric:

With its roots in McKinney, TX, ABR Electric stands out as a leading provider of comprehensive electrical services, ranging from electrical panel upgrades to landscape lighting and yard lighting. Renowned for their client-centric approach and professional integrity, ABR Electric is dedicated to enriching Texas homes with the latest, safest, and most aesthetically pleasing electrical innovations.

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Experience Customized Landscape Lighting and Yard Lighting with ABR Electric

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