Brendan Wood: Why Embedded Investing Is The Future Of Investing

Brendan Wood, Co-Founder and CEO of SnapTrade, will be speaking at the upcoming Benzinga Fintech Deal Day & Awards at the “Improving Market Accessibility: The Future of Trading Platforms and Tools” fireside chat. Mark Nov. 13 on your calendar for the must-attend gathering in the fintech industry!

Did you know that eighty-five percent of the companies that implement embedded finance report increased engagement, saying that it helps them acquire new customers in the new value chain?

It's obvious why they would. Allowing users to consume financial products or services from companies outside the finance space creates an enhanced customer experience. No wonder analysts predict a ten-fold increase over the $22.5B in revenues from 2020.

There are many applications for embedded finance. A few kinds include:

  1. Embedded Banking

  2. Embedded Payments

  3. Embedded Payment Cards

  4. Embedded Lending

  5. Embedded Insurance

  6. Embedded Investing

However, we believe the next big boom is coming somewhere else. The embedded finance trend has brought other companies seeking to provide a bridge between traditional financial institutions and non-financial businesses, into the investing space.

We will be speaking at the Benzinga Fintech Deal Day and Awards about how embedded investing will be part of “Improving Market Accessibility: The Future of Trading Platforms and Tools”.

Here’s why:

Why Embedding Investment Is The Next Frontier

The world of investing can be a forbidding jungle. Managing the investing process takes time, expertise, experience, and is limited to the tools offered by a traditional brokerage – that is unless you have an embedded finance solution.

There are online platforms and apps galore for different goals and skill levels to navigate. Experienced investors can evaluate the values of stocks and buy natively on their research tool of choice. People new to the practice can automate these financial decisions without ever having to login to a brokerage.

Collaboration between investors and institutions can include offering lending services or creating embedded bank accounts for businesses. Also, can act as a connector or ...

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