EXCLUSIVE: Helio CEO Discusses Blockchain Potential, Hidden Wallets And Economic Benefits

Helio CEO Stijn Paumen recently spoke with Benzinga where he shed light on the transformative role of blockchain technology.

"You might have applications that actually have hidden wallets and self-custody wallets," Paumen explained, indicating a future where blockchain is so embedded in services that consumers transact "without even knowing that it's crypto."

Join the conversation at Benzinga's Future of Digital Assets conference on Nov. 14, where all the latest innovations in the fintech sector will be a prime topic of discussion.
Paumen anticipates that the behind-the-scenes nature of blockchain will not only continue, but will reshape consumer behavior.

The key, he suggests, lies in the fact that consumers won't have to alter their habits significantly: "If people can continue to pay for their goods and services, but they're using blockchain rails instead of Visa or MasterCard or ...

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